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Our flagship company namely Varma Steels Transport Pvt Ltd is engaged in the transport operations since 1998 and always engages their own vehicles for transporting the Import / Export cargo inside the respective Ports. All the vehicles are of a higher capacity and can load upto 30 MTs and that is the reason we are specialist in handling bulk cargoes like Barytes Ore, Manganese Ore, Iron Ore, Quartz, Fertilizers, Cobble Stone, Millscale, Salt, Gypsum Ore, Rock Phosphate, Coal etc.

The transportation of the cargo generally takes place within the respective Harbours and if it is an Export then from the clients dedicated plot to the wharf and if it is an Import then from the Wharf where the cargo is discharged to the clients dedicated plot or their Warehouse which is situated outside the Harbour.

The Company also owns 40 feet Trailers and usually transports Break Bulk cargo like HR Coils, CR Coils, Timber Logs, Steel Plates, Rods, Barytes Powder in Jumbo Bags, Cement Bags and also both 20 feet and 40 feet containers.


  • Transportation

  • Cement & Steel

  • Cargo Handling

  • Equipment Hiring

  • Ware House

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